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PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to protect the environment and save Maryland tax payer dollars, the Department will no longer mail Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Return forms. Also, starting in 2018, the Department will no longer mail postcards reminding businesses to file their Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Return. To receive reminders and other useful information by email, please join our Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Return list serve by clicking here.


What are the advantages of using the Internet to request extensions?

Internet extension requests via the Department's website are available from December 1st through April 15th of each year and are free of charge. If April 15th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Maryland legal holiday as defined by §1.111 of the General Provisions Article, the deadline to file the extension request using this website will be the next succeeding day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or Maryland legal holiday.

This on‐line extension request system offers the capability to accurately search an entity’s Department ID Number, verify previously submitted on‐line extension requests, print confirmation lists and confirmation numbers, and recall lists using last year's confirmation number.

See the comparison chart below for the advantages of Internet extensions.

Submission Deadline
April 15th
Cost Per Entity
Printed Confirmation Numbers and Lists Available yes
Recall & Editing of Last Year's Confirmation Number and List yes
Verification of a Previously Submitted Current Year Internet Request yes
Department ID Number Search Capability yes
Immediate Approval yes
Inactive Status Indicated (e.g., forfeited, merged, dissolved, etc.) yes

How long is the extension period?

Approved extensions extends the April 15th due date two months until June 15th

What if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday?

If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Maryland legal holiday as defined by §1.111 of the General Provisions Article, the report is due on the next succeeding day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or Maryland legal holiday.

Can I request an extension beyond two months?

No. The extension is established by statute and no additional time to file is permitted.

How many entities can I request at one time?

You can request extensions for an unlimited number of entities using the Internet Extension system, however after entering the Department ID Numbers of fifty (50) entities, you will be required to submit the request. Once you have requested the extensions you will get a confirmation screen that will show the Entity Department ID Numbers, entity names, the status of each request, and the transaction date. You should print and retain a copy of the page.

Can I request extensions for multiple entities and print a separate confirmation page for each entity?

No. However, once an extension request for multiple entities has been confirmed, you may use the 'Verify Extension’ function. Enter the Department ID Number or entity Name and click verify. You can now print the extension verification page for the entity versus the entire list of entities included in the extension request.

What if the business name is not correct?

Most changes to an account, such as a change in the business name will be reflected in this system if processed by January. If the Department ID Number is correct, continue through the system and request the extension. Refer to our online business data search to check for any recent account changes. For questions regarding the process and/or status of changing the business name, please call the Charter Legal Division at 410‐767‐1007.

What is a Department ID Number?

This is a one‐letter, eight‐digit number (e.g. D12345678) used by the Department to identify businesses. It is sometimes called an Entity ID Number. If you have a one‐letter, seven‐digit number, add a zero between the letter and the number. That will usually give you the correct Department ID Number. If you have a nine‐digit number (often a two‐digit number followed by a seven‐digit number), you probably have the Federal Employer Identification Number, or FEIN. You cannot use the FEIN to request a filing extension.

What if I can’t find the name using the name search?

The name search in this system is a literal name search. Type the name of the entity, including punctuation marks. While you only need the first three letters of an entity name, the more you provide the shorter the list of results will be. If you are having trouble, try using our online business data search to get the Department ID Number.

Why isn’t the extension reflected on the online data search?

An extension request made using the on‐line request system may take 72 hours to be recorded on the database. Once you have a confirmation number, the extension(s) for the businesses listed on that screen have been accepted, even if the main database has not yet been updated.

What do I file with my return to show that an extension was granted?

It is not necessary to file anything with your return to show that an extension was granted. Once you have requested an extension using this system, it will appear in our records. You should however, print and retain a copy of the confirmation screen showing the Department ID Number and the date and time the request was filed.

What if I’m still having problems?

If you experience difficulties using the system it is recommended you use the latest version of your Internet browser. Contact the Business Personal Property unit via email or telephone at 410‐767‐1170 if you have any questions.

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